horses bet Releases Updated Odds for the 2015 Breeders’ Cup

He represents value when betting on the Breeders’ Cup.” The world will be watching American Pharoah’s final race on NBC and getting all the action with US Racing. “American Pharoah is the betting favourite with good reason,” said James Maxwell of US Racing. “Can the Triple Crown winner round out his career winning the Classic? […]

On the American menu: Horsemeat?

They say the ban on domestic slaughter has led to tens of thousands of horses being shipped to inhumane slaughterhouses in Mexico.  However, the USDA gave the OK for slaughterhouses to pay for their own inspections. It was a way to stop the slaughters because meat for human consumption at the time had to be […]

Kentucky Derby 2016: Hats, horses, odds (and odd names)

Why do ladies wear fancy, view-obstructing hats? It’s a Southern thing. There’s an official Derby recipe, but if you don’t care for exactitude just mix yourself up some sugar, bourbon, water, and crushed mint. The whole shebang will be aired on NBC, with coverage starting at 4 p.m. After hundreds of years and thousands upon […]