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Advice for The Victims of Gamblers

They got to know how you feel directly.

The gambling as far as I am concerned is not going to bring light to their married life.

I know the gambling problem is not the woman’s fault she did not know from the time of meeting this man that everything in her life would go down so badly.

Sometimes the individual looks drained from her energy and tired with worry.

The situation had deteriorated, and the problem went on with the same mistakes.

Social lives are horribly affected.

A tough situation and is becoming a daily problem.

Sometimes talking or discussing the gambling problem won’t make sense to the gambler.

If you think you can have control over a gambler’s life then be ready for the unhappy you.

The wrong idea would be is to try and be in charge of a gambler’s life.

The best advice as follows:

We had discussed the gambling issue and came to a few decisions.

I don’t know how much more one can become fed up of that addictive habit of gambling.

Gambling can put a heavy load on any relationship.

It can be exhausting to cope with such an individual.

When a gambler is penniless you can be in the same shoes if you help out the gambler financially.

These mistakes are once again repeated in the second marriage.

Don’t take the strain of gambling on your shoulders it is not your problem or your fault.

The exact same occurs like he is dwelling in the past, and holding onto something that no longer exists.

She had tried and tried to get him to stop or lower the cost of gambling.

Enjoyable times are lost and one can become very lonely.

Don’t be unhappy be positive and free from that thought.

Communication completely fails when a gambler is just focused on bets.

Do not let the gambler know how much money you have in your bank account that would draw the individual to your money.

You can try to support a gambler only to certain limit.

You can try to seek professional help and on most times that too can fail.

Don’t blame yourself for what the gamble fails to see or acknowledge.

A sad life for two people when he goes on like this not thinking of what is supposed to be important.

It looks like everything is falling apart and he can’t or fails to see how his habits are affecting his loved ones.

Don’t protect the gambler that would not work out well for you.

It is most difficult to trust a gambler.

I just can’t erase some thoughts from my mind after recently talking to a friend.

Eat correctly and be happy and live your life.

Only he can acknowledge that part about him.

It would drive them apart more and more and day by day.

The gambler can look at you funny for letting them know of their gambling problem.

You can’t change the way the gambler thinks, only you change the way you think and do.

Lies comes in quickly you don’t need to help them with their issues. It is time for a gambler to control their debt and their lives.

You can’t make a conversation if a gambler looks elsewhere. To wait for that ticket that does not show up as the winning ticket is another problem.

A gambler does not spend money on any pleasure moments mainly on gambling and wait on targets with money.

Always tell a gambler you don’t have any money.

Be open in conversation when with the gambler. In this case the gambling is causing a lot of insecure moments.

The long wait is an ongoing process. Giving money to gambler is like crucifying you.

No one can force him to stop the daily gambling.

Avoid speaking of figures.

Be in control of your life and finances.

A gambler must show responsibility for their gambling behavior.

He tried even harder to get her into the gambling game.

They are afraid he will sell their belongings, or will secretly take loans and would want others to bail him out.

How can a family feel safe if the gambling has taken over their lives?

Conversations have failed when his money belongs to him, and only him he can do whatever he wants to.

Gamblers don’t admit their addiction and that can be the worst of all on your list of advice.

They become isolated and love it that way.. He was a compulsive gambler.

Everything stops in a person’s life when with a gambler and the individual does not see that as a problem.

A family is supposed to be safe, through their financial lives and through their emotional lives. You need the attention of the individual not the shadow or a glance.

You need to take care of you and don’t think of what the gambler is up to.

Protect yourself from the gambler’s life and debt.

This time the gambling is slowly ruining her so I decided to help as a good friend.

She had a problem with her husband’s habits

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